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All-round services in an urban environment

Numerous gastronomic outlets serve you and your team in the lunch hour and after work: a staff cafeteria, a lunch bar with sushi and other Asian specialities, a breakfast service, two bakeries as well as several Italian and Franconian restaurants.

A nursery and kindergarten within the INNOVUM 212 complex ensure a family-friendly working environment. Other nurseries and kindergartens are located just a block away.

Drive the Twizy in Innovum 212!

Innovum 212 provides with immediate effect - without any surprise - a special innovative highlight for its tenants. Instead of using your own car for executing business affairs, employees are able to rent the official Innovum 212 Twizy for free.

But what is the Renault Twizy? The two-seated vehicle runs electrically and is therefore completely emission-free. Depending on each style of driving, the Twizy reaches to 100 km and accelerates to 80 km/h. His graceful looks (length of 2,32 m long and width of 1,19 m) makes him perfectly suitable for city streets and fits into the smallest parking space.

How do I get the Twizy? Just call one week in advance the advertising agency Kaller & Kaller, Building A1, 1. Floor (Tel. 0911 20 67 30), that you would like to rent the Twizy. It can be rented from Monday till Friday from 09:00 o'clock to 17:30 o'clock.

Before you go on a joyride, you need to note the following conditions:
- Class B driver licence
- evidence of a preoccupation in Innovum 21
- signing on a contract
- a short Instruction about the Handling of the Twizy